The Patrick O'Brian Compendium

Shortly after the death of Patrick O'Brian in January, 2000, I was casting about on the web for sites that referenced POB. Being obsessive-compulsive in the extreme, I always start a blind search with When I typed in, however, to my surprise (pun intended) there was no site there. A quick check of the DNS system showed it had never been registered.

I worried at this stage that some large corporate entity would snatch it up for monetary gain, which I thought would be a shame. I also wanted to have a web site that anyone who knew only superficially of POB and the Aubrey/Maturin series could come to, get hooked (as we all know they will) and spend the rest of their days dreaming of life at sea in the early 19th century (as I do).

After contacting several others who already had POB web sites for their input (and receiving very gracious replies), it was the work of a few short minutes to register the name, find a web host and get a preliminary page up.

Over the ensuing several months, I've accumulated bits and pieces of POB lore and ephemera from many nice folks all over the world and tried to keep the site as active as possible.

Thanks for taking the time to look this over.

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