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Patrick O'Brian (given name: Richard Patrick Russ, 1914 - 2000) was the author of twenty books (and three chapters) detailing the naval and terrestrial exploits of Captain Jack Aubrey and Doctor Stephen Maturin, in a period from 1801 to 1815.

"For the right deep swimming in a book, give me the sea..." Stephen Maturin, The Yellow Admiral   

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Indexes, Glossaries, and Categorized Data on the Series

A comprehensive list of foreign terms in the books (and then some)

A Guide for the Perplexed

As complete an index of the series as could be wished Michael Schuyler's Butcher's Bill
All medical terms copiously indexed Kerry Webb's Maturin's Medicine
A list of the Aubrey/Maturin series titles, in order The Compendium's A/M Chronology

Details Not Found in the Books Themselves

Timelines for the books, and their historical context Chronologies of Jack and Stephen's adventures
The Ships of Jack Aubrey Bruce Trinque's web site
The definitive work on the nautical cuisine of the period by "The Amiable Sluts" Lobscouse and Spotted Dog
The works of Dean King, who has illuminated the dark recesses of the books with a series of his own Our Dean King Page

Maps of some of the action in the books, as well as of historical locations

The Compendium Chart Room
Full text of the Articles of War The 1749 Version, at least
A Complete glossary of naval terms, Napoleonic and otherwise Royal Navy Dictionary


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Other Ways to Explore The Aubrey/Maturin Series

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Patrick O'Brian events, past & future
The Fox movie - MAC:TFSOTW Our POB Movie Page
An Elegant Appreciation of What The Series Means to One Man Robert O'Harrow's "Here's to Life After Aubrey and Maturin"

Masterful performances on cassette and CD of all the books (most unabridged)

The Compendium's AudioBook Page

Music of the period and the sea in general

The Compendium's Music Room
Sail on a Modern Tall Ship The Compendium's Tall Ship Page
The Series' Cover Art
Geoff Hunt's Portfolio

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